I am giving this beautiful handmade Mulberry paper flowers for the one who become my follower and buy one of my handmade cards posted in my eBay store:

You will get 10 mixed color mulberry paper flowers, they are layered(3 flowers) and have a yellow pollen, these flowers are cute for card making, scrap booking, paper craft, or any art crafts.
-My flowers are Acid and Ligning free.
Here is another picture , you can see how they
look close.

Any comment or advise are always welcome

Please, feel free to ask me any question, my email address is:

I will be posting more of my handmade cards
in the following days.

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Hugs, Clory.

Praying for You


I made 2 cards with this stamp, and is for sale in my eBay store:
. 3D, sewn handmade card. It is hand stamped and heat embossed the charlie image and the letters"praying for you" I wathercolor charlie and sponge around him.

Here is a closer view, you can see the heat embossed and my perfect stitches...., I decorate my card with this beautiful red and white flower with yellow pollen, I used shiny silver wathercolor on the white petals, you can find this kind of flower in diferent colors in my eBay store.
Inside of the cards, I use the same DP matching, sewn and decorate it with red pivot ribbon, you can find this kind of ribbon in different color in my eBay store.

Matching envelope for the card.

Deer Season


Dear friends and family I am back! and I have good news to tell you.

First: I am starting to blog again, I already made some handmade cards and I will be posting my them regularly.

Second: I just opened my eBay store a few days ago, I am so excited and confused too, if you want to visit my eBay store make click here:

you can find there, handmade Mulberry paper flowers, handmade cards designed by me, skeleton leaves and diferent kind of embellisment for scrapbooking, cardmaking or any kind of paper craft.


I got inspirated by the snow so I desided to make a card with this deer, this stamp is from Clear Dollar Stamps.

I handstamped and then heat embosed,
you can see it better in the second image,
I sew it and made some cross stitches, the sun
is wathercolored and the rest of the card I used
sponges, I am still learning how to use those sponges.

Here is more pictures of my card inside and
a close picture, this card has a matching envelope
I put a lot of time in this cars and it has a lot of
paper too, little heavy.

Any conment,: Hugs, CLORY.


Good morning to everyone, I personally think this card is beautiful, it is a digit stamp from the Greeting Farm, digit stamps are great, you don't mess with the inks, and washing later the stamps, and your hands...... but, you can't emboss digit stamps......, The background of the card I painted using inks and sponges, the unicorn and the flowers I layered to give them a 3D look.

Inside of the card I decorated both sides, it's always nice when you open a card and you can find there is something inside............I also decorated the envelope, but I didn't post a picture of it. I only print the image, but all the card is handpainted with watercolor and inks, I have sewn and decorated using ribon and designed papers.


Hi everyone, this is my second post and it took me a lot of time to build my blog, plus my little 9 months old baby who keeps me busy, this card is kind of masculine, but also it is Ok for girls, I just learned how to paint using sponges, cool! Family and friends, please give some advise or comments about my cards or my blog, I really appreciate it.

This is how my card looks inside, I used to decorate my cards only at front, but my husband told me that it would be better if I decorate it inside and stamps some words, so my cards will look professional,......anyway, I took his advise and people like too.


This is my first post and I'm excited about blogging.

This handmade card is perfect for Mother's day, get well, happy birthday, or any occasion. I hand painted this card with watercolors and decorated it with with pink and red ribbon with some lace and brads.