Hi everyone, this is my second post and it took me a lot of time to build my blog, plus my little 9 months old baby who keeps me busy, this card is kind of masculine, but also it is Ok for girls, I just learned how to paint using sponges, cool! Family and friends, please give some advise or comments about my cards or my blog, I really appreciate it.

This is how my card looks inside, I used to decorate my cards only at front, but my husband told me that it would be better if I decorate it inside and stamps some words, so my cards will look professional,......anyway, I took his advise and people like too.


Cheryl Walker said...

Love your blog, its perfect!!!! And this card is DARLING!!! I think it can be for either a boy or girl! Cute image, isnt he High Hopes??? I think I almost ended up getting him. Super cute!!!

Hugs again,

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